2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH2018)

http://www.industrialheritage.eu/EYCH2018-theme-months [1] (English version)

http://www.industrialheritage.eu/EYCH2018-mois-thematiques [2] (french version)


For these two important activities are already announced – more will follow and will be announced on the website:

– an international steam weekend (17-18 March 2018)

– a meeting of Mining Heritage Associations in Beringen (13-15 April 2018) –  a preliminary website was posted on www.miningheritage.org [3] but will be replaced at the end of this week by a new one with more details

In addition we have already received several positive reactions for the themes of the other months, especially for the chimneys campaign in May.

EFAITH is one of the stakeholders of EYCH2018 and therefore advises on the awarding of the official EYCH2018 label to cross-border projects related to industrial and technical heritage. The initiatives that are part of the thematic months as such are grouped together in a cross-border project.

Annex – Reply form for EYCH 2018 label1


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